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Get New Prescription Filling and Prescription Refills

Buckland Pharmacy in Belen, NM offers a wide variety of pharmaceutical solutions and products. We are a full service Pharmacy accepting most major insurance plans. Our pharmacists are willing to help. We offer drug consultation and have free local delivery for prescriptions. In addition to pharmaceutical products and solutions, we also sell veterinary supplies, including pet food. Call us to get your prescription filled or shop our large selection of gifts for any occasion.
Woman Taking Medicine—Veterinary Supplies in Belen, NM

Pharmaceutical Services:

  • Pharmacist Consultation
  • Pharmaceutical Solutions
  • Prescription Filling

We Are Unique:

  • Computerized Insurance & Tax Records
  • Jewelry & Gift Fountain
  • UPS Shipping Station

Other Services:

  • Domestic Mailing Services
  • International Mailing
  • Shipping
  • UPS

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Handling Your Domestic Needs

Call Buckland Pharmacy at 505-864-7434 for computerized insurance and tax services. We also have great jewelry and a gift fountain if you want to shop for gift items. For domestic and international shipping, check out our UPS shipping station where you can mail your packages instead of standing in long lines at the local post office. Call today to discuss your pharmaceutical needs.